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{れいた} + {麗}

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~a Reita + Uruha's love community~
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{れいた} + {麗} community
is a community created by miwa_, all dedicated to the fictional love relationship between Reita (れいた) and Uruha (麗), from the band the GazettE (ガゼット). This community is in no way affiliated with the band Gazette or it's members. It's contents are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.
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Our archive contains every entry in the community, with its full credit for the post owner. The archive is updated as soon as possible, so the newest entries might not be there. If you don't want any of your entries to be there, please make a note on the entry when posting it, or comment on the doubts entry (in case it has already been archived for a long time).
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Other Information
To begin, some rules of the comm:

. Keep in mind this is a community to a FICTIONAL yaoi relationship, by that if you have any problems with that, if you dislike yaoi (boy x boy relationships), doesn't agree with putting together members of jrock bands, or anything against those kind of subjects, please don't join. Let's keep in mind that creating comms and participating is free and only matter to the people who do it, so be respectful always and be happy<3
. This community is Reita x Uruha/Uruha x Reita ONLY, so if you wanna another pairings, find another communities, I'm sure you'll find it<3 if your entry mention other pairings there is no problem with that, but Reita x Uruha/Uruha x Reita has to be on it.
. You can post fan fictions, rp logs, fanarts, all kind of graphics (icons, wallpapers, banners, color bars, etc), fan site links, fan video, cosplay photos, and also your marketing if you have a jrock community (also jrock RP communities) and want to spread it~
. All posts may be work safe or not work safe. But please remember that any big images, fanfics, rp logs, marketing and any not work safe work MUST BE UNDER AN LJ CUT. The coding is < lj-cut text="Insertsomethinghere" > (without the spaces)
. For the fan fictions also, before the cut, you should make a description in this format:

Chapters: If have more than one. If you post one chapter in one day and another chapter just a week later, post here the link for the earlier chapter(s), so people can remember.
Author: You can post under < lj user="yourusernamehere" > this format. (without the spaces)
Genre: Tell here if it's a romantic one, violent...
Ratings: Well, as we notice, this rate is the most common, so we're using them too.
G - No cursing, no adults content, no violence, no nothing~
PG - Just a bit of cursing and adult content, a soft violence~
PG-13 - Moderate cursing and adult contents, an escalating violence~
R - Sexual scenes, violence, cursing, adult contents~
NC-17 - Excessive everything. Excessive sexual scenes, hard violence, language~

Pairings/Characters: As the community is Reita x Uruha/Uruha x Reita only, just put here the order...seme at first, uke at second<3 Some people doesn't like to read Reita being uke, for example.
Synopsis: Tell us what the story's about.
Comments: If you wanna say something for the readers, you may do it here.

. For the Request post, just put "Request" in the title~
. You may post an introduction post too! We would appreciate that a lot! We all want to know each other, so ne, that would be so very welcome! If you don't know how to do it, we can give you some hints:

What's your name?
Where are you from?
What's your favorite bands?
And tell something about you...what you like to do, your hobbies...tell whatever you want<3

. Be nice. Keep on topic. Questions are always welcome, if its about the comm and pairing or any trouble in the comm, feel free to write on the doubts entry (http://community.livejournal.com/reita_x_uruha/317.html?mode=reply), the entries are locked, so there is no problem really on the question. Remembering that offending will not be tolerated. Personal questions or issues, please contact any of the mods on their livejournals (miwa_ & eatyou_alive). The comm is still only about the pairing, ne.

As for the ones who read the rules entirely, we do accept rp logs in a fic format here on the comm. But we thought that for the ones who didn't know any person to play with, and still liked rp, liked the pairing and wanted to meet people who did the same; then we opened this~

It's kinda like in a rp community, I don't know which of you played in one already. RPG First of all, RPG, role playing game, is something you can actually write and act as if you were a certain character. In the jrock rp communities of livejournal, you pick a jrocker you'd like to be and interact with all the others~
Since the community here is only for Reita/Uruha, of course you'll have only two choices of character! We DO ACCEPT some interaction between the other Gazette members, but keep the focus on Reiuru/Ururei, right? The playing The first person who will begin the rp may post a new entry to the comm, with the first paragraph of the fic.
When another person reads it and is interested on playing with the person above, she might just comment on this entry replying the other person's actions.
The person who first posted may then reply the comment, and there it goes, and there it goes...

x On your entry you can only write the actions of the character you choose between Reita or Uruha. Only his point of view and his thoughts~ leave the other one to the person that will answer you.
x If you choose between an interaction with all members of the band, you can give Ruki or Aoi or Kai certain actions between Reita and Uruha's, but again, keep the focus on Reiuru/Ururei, ne?
x The first post has to write enough so the other person understands the background, where the story is taking, what time, these kind of things...so please make sure you explain every detail. Remember that this time you are not writing for yourself only~
x We only accept actions in script, just like in a fic. (because the main target here is to make a fic of two people~) Although you can write or on first person or in third, or mixed~
x Every post or comment has to have at least full 5 lines.
x The title of your entry has to have "RP" on it, so we know what you are doing.
x This is an open rp, so you can't really choose who will answer your comment ne~ so let's be nice with the person that replies, no cursing or fighting~ everybody writes in different styles here, keep that in mind, ne?<3
x If you want to talk to the person you are playing with outside the character, you may choose to write inside '(( ))' (make it double, please), or after 'off:' Just please don't make it so long ne~
x So we don't make it a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge rp log, we have a certain maximum of comments. 40, ok? I think that's enough to make a kicking ass log~
x Yes, every log has to have an end. It doesn't have to be a philosophical ending, or anything like that just a cute one, like in all fan fictions! When you feel it's the ending one, please make a comment writing that, 'THE END' or something so people know it won't continue.
x You don't have to reply right away. You can take some time, we all know we have time differences, school, universities and school to deal with as well~ but please don't let it be dead either ne. You gotta answer the comment of your partner in at least 1 week. x All rps have to be non-AW (not in another world). Meaning they have to be Uruha and Reita from Gazette, the ages they are now, everything according to their present life. If you want to make them living together, no problem, just don't make Uruha be a butterfly or a 4 year-old child...lol<3
x If you want to make a comment about how the rpg is going, you are more then welcome to do that! You can comment on the entry as well, just not on the thread that belongs to both players^^

The entry shall look like this:

Chara chosen: the chara you're playing
Band mates interaction: put yes/no, in case you accept the other Gazette members interacting or not
Rating limit: Until where you wanna get with your rp!
Already boyfriends or only friends yet? choose one of the two options (friends YET ok? because since this comm is for the pairing they have to at least like each other already)

And the entry! You don't need to put this under an lj-cut hai? Since it's a little beginning only, people can read and take it as a summary of the rest of the log/fic~

And when you comment, also, put the name of the chara you're playing in the title, eg if it's Reita or Uruha, or Reita, Uruha and Ruki~ just so it gets less complicated to read!

Example can be found here.

miwa_ & eatyou_alive


Sister comms:


If you want to be one, you're very welcome! Just send us a message here: http://community.livejournal.com/reita_x_uruha/317.html?mode=reply